GLUKOS Energy Drink Mix

    Glukos energy and electrolytes, now in a convenient multi-serving canister. Mix one scoop GLUKOS Energy Drink Mix is a powder you mix with 8 oz. water (32 servings). Yields 2 gallons per canister.

    New Product coming in Late April!

    PS!  Did you know that if you mix one Glukos Gel packet into your water bottle you are getting almost the same energy and electrolyte levels as one scoop of Drink Mix?  Glukos Gel is very concentrated – so add a packet to water and get your energy and electrolytes for those long rides or runs!  Or just to give your water a great taste too!

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    If you've got GLUKOS powder and water, you've got everything you need to unleash your body's true athletic potential. And with this canister, you’ll have enough to make 2 gallons of GLUKOS. That’s a lot of energy. Keep it in your cupboard and you’ll always have fuel on hand when you need it.