Where do I enter the promo code in the shopping cart?

You can enter promo codes when you view your “cart” but before entering your payment info.   Click here to watch a quick video showing more details.

Where are Glukos products made?

All Glukos products are proudly made in the USA by FDA, GMP and NSF certified co-packers.  We use only the best of the best companies to make Glukos products.

What about the Gummies?  They were the BEST!

We agree!  The Glukos gummies are amazing and we are working very hard to get them back in stock ASAP.  The demand for all gummies in the US is extremely high right now – and there are not many companies who make them.  Rest assured we have a great new partner who is working diligently on getting us product soon.

Fun Gummie Fact!  All Glukos gummies are made with pectin – not gelatin.  Pectin comes from fruit versus gelatin which is animal based.  Pectin allows gummies to be less “chewy” and “sticky” and is easier to digest.

Will the Protein Line come back?

Yes!  We are getting a ton of requests to bring back the Glukos Protein Powder.  We will be bringing back the Chocolate in late 2019 and one of our “secret flavor” favorites in early 2020!

Are the more flavors coming?

Yes! We do need to manage our inventory very closely – as all small companies do.  So we will be introducing new flavors as soon as we can.

Is the formula changing?

No way!  Glukos products have some of the cleanest ingredient profiles on the market.  We believe strongly in using only what the body needs.  Glucose and electrolytes will continue to be the primary foundation in all Glukos products.  When we say new and improved  – we mean we’ve reduced the ingredients even more and improved the flavor too!

What about color?  The Energy Drink Mix used to stain water bottles!

Yep!  We heard you! We have removed all of the natural color additives from the Glukos Liquid Gel, Energy Powder Mix and Chewable Tablets.  No more stains!

Does Glukos have any sponsorship or ambassador programs available?

Yes!  We will be reintroducing the Glukos Ambassador Program very soon.  Both programs will be limited to start – but we love our athletes and ambassadors and know that you help drive our Brand awareness! More information will be posted on our website soon.