First let us say, we’re sorry. It has been a while and it is high-time you received an update so that you’re “in the know”. As you’ve likely noticed and/or heard, GLUKOS has recently been going through a business transition. Don’t worry – this is good news! We are currently in the process of refining our products and expanding our portfolio to better serve the sports performance and nutrition needs of all athletes. 

We are very excited about the future and absolutely see this as good news – but we also know that we have experienced some inventory and product availability issues that have been frustrating for you. ?

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition to our new business model. And, we apologize for any inconvenience we have caused. It hasn’t been great for us either! Silver lining? These supply and inventory interruptions have reminded all of us at GLUKOS how loyal and committed our partners, customers and consumers truly are – and we all still believe that GLUKOS products are the best performing nutrition products available. 

The really good news, pay attention here —> Soon, we will be launching an expanded and improved line of products that continues to leverage the GLUKOS science and formulations that will further demonstrate our dedication to innovation. Like the athletes that consume our products, we aspire to greatness — and you will soon see (and taste, and feel, and benefit from) the latest results of our efforts.

We will continue to keep you updated via our website and through our email newsletter (which you can sign up for here.) Thanks for your continued support! We wouldn’t want to go on this ride without you.

Your friends at GLUKOS Energy